Technical Support

Teramed present a maintenance contract options in a five main coverages with his deep experience history and supported by the alliance with world largest independent solution provider (OSI).

  • TRUSTFULL PACKAGE-  This package covers Planned Maintenance execution.
  • EFFICIENCY PACKAGE-  This package covers Planned and Corrective Maintenance labor works.
  • ACTIVE PACKAGE-  This package covers Planned and Corrective Maintenance execution and original spare part replacement (the exceptional spare parts exchange does not include).
  • VIP PACKAGE-  This package has no exception; all support and spare part needs will be provided with in the agreement coverage.
  • SUPPORT PACKAGE- This package built by resource and risk sharing with the existing clinics infrastructure and resources. The agreement contents can build-up through clinics need and demand.

Beside of service agreements, following services solution can be provided;

  • Fault finding and performance testing,
  • Original spare part providing,
  • Project planning and management,
  • Dismantling, relocation and installation,
Scope and contents Trustful Package Efficiency Package Active Package VIP Package
Planned Maintenance **** **** **** ****
Planned Maintenance measurement and check list providing **** ****
**** ****
Next PM date labelling on the device **** **** **** ****
User training fee discount **** ****
Free, limited duration user up-date training ****
Manufacturer released and provided recall and modification
**** **** ****
Upgrade and accessory providing with discount ****
Discount for uncovered labor works **** ****
Discount for limited life part replacement **** ****
Free and unlimited labor work providing **** ****
Limited system performance test expertise **** ****
1 Hour reaction time through telephone **** ****
4 Hours reaction time for on-site intervention* **** ****
24 Hours reaction time for on-site intervention* **** **** ****
Call guidance after hours **** ****
Free and unlimited non-exclusive spare parts replacement **** ****
Free and unlimited exclusive spare parts replacement ****
Remote access to device** **** ****
%98 up-time commitment ****
Free project expertise support in case of device relocation*** **** ****
A special status reporting during service processes ****
Planned Maintenance execution on afterhours ****
Corrective Maintenance execution on afterhours ****

* Can differ the device location and geographical situation
** This service can be provided when the clinic has a good enough internet access and suitable firewall systems.
*** This service can be provided when the agreement will continue or extended.